Our Founder

David J. Scranton


With 35 years of experience, David has specialized in income-generating investments for the past 24 years. Prior to that, he followed a typical business model focused on stock market-based investments. However, in 1999, while many on Wall Street believed the sky was the limit for stock market investors, David’s knowledge of history led him to believe something different.

Financial Coaching

Through Advisors’ Academy, David has personally coached hundreds of advisors across the country in his proprietary sales process, industry leading marketing strategies and revolutionary investing-for-income model. As a result, those advisors consistently reach new levels of success year after year by attracting business rather than chasing it. The most successful are aligned with David’s Retirement Income Source franchise and take full advantage of the portfolio management services available to their clients through his RIA, Sound Income Strategies.

TV Appearances, and a Best Selling Author

David shares his market insights on networks such as Fox Business, CNBC, TD Ameritrade, and Yahoo Finance. He has his own radio show, “The Retirement Income Source,” which airs weekly on stations around the country. He also hosts the popular “Retirement Income Source” YouTube channel to help educate viewers about financial issues that could impact their retirement. David is the author of three Amazon bestselling books, including “Return on Principle” and “The Retirement Income Stor-E.”

David Scranton on Varney & Co., Fox Business, June 2022